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Our ‘Shri Ram Industries’ embarked upon a remarkable journey from the year 1977. Mr. S. Ramachandran is the founder of our company and he is one of the first generation entrepreneur in his family. We also feel a certain pride in enunciating the fact that our company was the first in India to introduce ‘Molasses Meal/ Molasses Bran’. It is a very significant ingredient in Cattle Feeds and all other animal Feeds. Today, our company is one of the leading Manufacture of molasses meal from India.Initially, Shri Ram Industries commenced with a production capacity of 2 ton per day and gradually increased the annual production capacity to the mark of 30000 tons in 2014. And furthermore, we are planning to double up the production capacity in the near future. Apart from fulfilling our integral customer requirements, we also continue to be a pioneer in Quality (with an ISO 9001:2000 Certificate) and in utilizing modern technology.

Our company has factories located close to the Madurai City. Shri Ram Industries has an essential role as Molasses meal Manufacture in South India.The Phenomenon behind our Success Our wholesome dedication to the highly motivated employees and to loyal customers has placed us on the positive path and has also helped us to taste immense success within a short period of time.We are now concentrating on the entire domestic market plus the global market. Our company staffs have invested their heart and minds into their work, in order to bestow us with such greater achievements. Standardization & up gradation of our products will be persistently continued as per the global standards. We promise not to compromise on the quality of products. “Embrace the Eco-Friendly Molasses Meal -- a mineral enriched, healthy ingredient” not only for Cattle Feeds but even for all other animal feeds.

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