Advantages of the product

Prior to the introduction of molasses meal, the other cattle feeds had been deficient in nitrogen. Cattle feed molasses plays a nitrogen supplement is often necessary in a cattle feed for optimizing rumen fermentation and to offer by-pass protein, mainly to balance the nutrients available for the animal metabolism. These inadequacies are nowadays conquered by the molasses meal. Cattle need Molasses meal in the dry periods which may improve lactation. Milk production during this arduous period can be higher, only if the cows are fed on molasses meal. Molasses meal has been used as traditional cattle feed ingredient, even from the historical periods. The importance of molasses meal in cattle feed hasn’t been a common knowledge to many feed manufacturers. Nonetheless, the usage of molasses meal might be the most vital thing to improve energy intake for dairy cows, mainly during per parturient period. The molasses for cattle feeds during this period have perpetually resulted in early lactation, and there has been a dramatic change in milk yield performances and in the reduction of metabolic disorders. The availability, storage and transportation of liquid molasses have always lots of issues, but troubles related with molasses meal are very less, since it is an easily available product (available all around the year) and is a very convenient product to transport, as per the client requirements.

S.No Particular Result
4Sand & silica4.9%
7Gross Energy3309kcals/kg
8Metabolism Energy2409kcals/kg

Unique Advantages of Molasses Meal in cattles:

• Quantitative growth in milk production
• Boosts the health of animals
• Dilutes the protein in spring
• Fiber Digestion gets better
• Reduction in heart-related stresses
• Improved growth and fine maturation in young stock
• Diet’s density steps-up in the times of reduced intakes, especially before calving
• Assists in fitful pregnancy rates

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